The Rise Of Instagram Cheerlebrities

Instagram is a whole new ecosystem of fame. Facebook and other social media platforms that have been around a while have settled down to a solid hierarchy, and it’s hard to climb the top of the attention pile without spending a lot of cash and expending a lot of work. Instagram is still wide open, and if you take a look and see who’s garnering the most Instagram followers, the list might surprise you. Have you heard about Cheerlebrities?


You were accustomed to cheerleaders being popular at high school football games, but once school was over, the kids with tape on their glasses went to school for computer science and ruled the Internet, and the cheerleaders married insurance salesman and had Facebook pages that no one looked at. Well, the popular girls in high school are popular on Instagram, too, and they didn’t have to buy instagram followers to do it. They simply snapped picture after picture of themselves and their friends, and one tenth-grader from California has managed to collect as many as 250,000 Instagram followers in just a few months.

Social media is changing toward continual feeds and visual instead of heavy text content, and since teenagers are all wielding a web-enabled smartphone with a multi-megapixel camera, they’re bound to be the ones dominating it in the future.

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